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Live Soap School is your destination for learning how to start and grow your handmade soap business at home. 

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Introduction to Soap Making:

  1. 1 Pre-Course Survey

  2. 2 Soap Making Fundamentals

    Objective: Get a solid understanding of the Soap Making Process and what you will need to make soap at home.

  3. 3 Understanding Your Why

    Objective: Your why will drive everything you do with soap. This lesson helps you to identify your why.

  4. 4 What is Soap and How is it made?

    Objective: Understand the Three Types of Soap Making Methods.

  5. 5 Supplies and Ingredients to Make Soap

    Objective: Complete list of all supplies and ingredients you will need to make soap at home.

  6. 6 Lesson 1 Wrap-Up

    Objective: Wrap-up materials from Lesson 1.

  7. 7 Lesson 2 Overview

    Objective: This lesson is all about making soap safely and working with lye to make soap from scratch.

  8. 8 Two Types of Lye

    Objective: Distinguish the two types of lye used in soap making.

  9. 9 Preparing to Work with Lye

    Objective: How do you safely work with Lye? This lesson will ensure you take all of the proper precautions.

  10. 10 Creating a Lye Solution

    Objective: 4 Steps to Make a Lye Solution

  11. 11 Lesson 2 Wrap-Up

    Objective: You should now be able to safely make a lye solution. This wrap-up reviews key concepts from lesson 2.

  12. 12 Lesson 3 Overview

    Objective: Discover all of the qualities of the various ingredients and herbs you can use in handmade soap throughout this lesson.

  13. 13 Fatty Acids and Why They Matter

    Objective: Fatty acids are the heart of all soap recipes. This lesson reviews important concepts and how to make sense of them for your soap recipes.

  14. 14 Selecting Oils and Butters

    Objective: Learn what you should look for when determining the oils and butters to include in your soap recipes.

  15. 15 Essentials oils and Fragrance Oils to Scent Your Soap

    Objective: Understand how to scent your soap with essential oils and fragrance oils.

  16. 16 Lesson 3 Wrap-Up

    Objective: Soap Oil Properties and Scenting handmade soap.

  17. 17 Lesson 4 Overview

    Objective: Create your own Soap Recipes and use Online Soap Calculators

  18. 18 Using Online Soap Calculators

    Objective: Understand how to create and read recipes in online soap calculators.

  19. 19 How to Assess Soap Recipes

    Objective: Understand how to assess the qualities of a soap recipe.

  20. 20 How to Create Your Own Recipe

    Objective: Learn how to create unique soap recipes.

  21. 21 Lesson 4 Wrap-Up

    Objective: Understand ingredients and formulate soap recipes.

  22. 22 Making Soap From Scratch Lesson Overview

    Objective: Walk through of complete soap making process.

  23. 23 Setting up for Soap Making Success

    Objective: Ensure success with these simple steps.

  24. 24 Step 1

    Objective: Making Your Lye Solution

  25. 25 Step 2

    Objective: Measure Ingredients properly to ensure safe soap.

  26. 26 Step 3

    Objective: In search of trace.

  27. 27 Step 4

    Objective: Molding handmade soap.

  28. 28 Step 5

    Objective: How to cut and cure soap.

  29. 29 Cold Process Lesson Wrap-Up

  30. 30 BONUS BOOK - How to Make and Sell Soap Next Steps

    Objective: Download Your FREE ebook and Take Course Survey

Lessons in Advanced Soap Making:

Lessons in Live Streaming Success:

Lessons in Online Business Blueprint:

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